Modesta Halby
IFBB Women’s Physique Competitor
Heigh: 169cm
Weight: 69kg (competition weight), 76kg (off-season weight)
Date of birth: 13th june 1988
Body of June (2014) at (Photographer Siegfried Michaelis)  (Photographer James Johnson) (Photographer Robby Brand) (Photographer Jason Lynch)

LANGUAGES: Danish, English, Lithuanian, Russian


IFBB Amateur:

Danish Newcomers 2014 (3rd place)

Danish Championship 2014 (3rd place)

Loaded Cup 2015 (6th place)

Arnold Classic Europe 2015 (11th place)

Danish Championship 2015 (1st place)

Nordic Championship 2015 (2nd place)

Olympia Amateur Liverpool 2015 (10th place)

Arnold Classic Ohio 2016 (6th place)

Loaded Cup 2016 (6th place)

Arnold Classic Europe 2016 (6th place)

Diamond Cup Liverpool 2016 (1st place)

Olympia Amateur San Marino 2016 (2nd place)

Danish Championship 2017 (2nd place)

Arnold Classic Europe 2017 (2nd place)

Diamond Cup Katowice 2017 (2nd place)

Diamond Cup Milano 2017 (1st place)

Ben Weider WorldWide Classic UK 2019 (1st place)

Bigman Weekend Show Spain 2019 (1st place)


Romanian Muscle Pro Fest 2019 (4th place)